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Season 6 - Revival of Empire Exp 99999 - Long Term - Unique Events
[ Notice ] UPDATES!
Dec 22, 2013
To play you need to download and install this:

- Fixed DC issue caused by some Ancient items.
- Fixed all Wings options.
- Fixed random DC issue.
- Fixed IMP/Demon while using Berserk Skill.
- Fixed Lahap bug.
- Fixed vault won't open bug.
- Fixed Chaos Machine Success rates.
- Fixed Elemental damage issues for PVM.
- Fixed Blessing Buff causing DC.
- Fixed Visual issues related to fake PK status over all characters.
- Fixed Mana Shield growing up issue.
- Fixed issue allowing buy items when inventory was full.
- Fixed some JOH issues.
- Enabled Crywolf and Crywolf Event.
- Enabled Castle Siege.
- MG and DL earns double Points per level now.

To celebrate this holiday season we give you 100% more Coins(P).
1 USD = 200 Coins.

This promo is valid from December 22nd, 2013 until January 31st, 2014.

Happy Holidays!
Evil Warrior Staff.
[ Notice ] Bugfixes
Oct 31, 2013
[ Notice ] Mantenance
Sep 28, 2013
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